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Meet the Artist

I am a lifetime artist turned jewelry designer + goldsmith.

While I have created in many mediums over the years, designing and hand crafting one of a kind gold heirlooms lights a fire in my heart to last a lifetime.

Each piece I create is intentional, evoking a connection to the underlying divine nature of our existence. Each is hand finished, and no two creations are ever the same.

My inspiration comes from my loving and supportive family, my husband Jeff and our son Hayden. The meticulous art, architecture and jewelry from the early 20th century have also been a motivating force in my life. My hope is to inspire loving kindness and authenticity in all that we do

Discover your hand-forged heirloom in my collection, or contact me to discuss custom options. 

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Artist + Jewelry Designer


Born in Costa Rica, I moved to the US when I was five years old with my family. I understand the many challenges that come with being an outsider, as well as the transformation that can happen when we show up with love and support. I am also very passionate about supporting small locally owned businesses whenever possible. Thank you for being here. 

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Frequently asked questions

How long can I expect for shipping?

Since all of our pieces are hand made to order please expect 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Can I get my jewelry expedited?

Since all of our pieces are made in house we can try our best to accommodate your rush order. Please note there will be a rush service fee. Please email hello@universaldeco.art BEFORE placing your order to make sure we are able to accommodate your request.

How are your pieces made?

Our jewelry is handmade in Denver Colorado by using the lost wax casting method where our designer carves out the piece in a special wax then precious metal duplicates the piece. The jewelry is then polished and stones are set. Since these pieces are all finished by hand please expect an organic replica of what you see online as no two pieces will ever be the same.

Do you use recycled gold?

Yes! We use 100% certified recycled gold!

What metals do you work with?

We currently work with 14K yellow/white/rose gold.

What type of stones do you use?

Going forward we will only work with natural diamonds (larger stones come with GIA certifications and paperwork when applicable) and our sapphires are a mix of Lab grown and natural. Stone type is outlined in each jewelry description.


Can I customize one of your current offerings with different metal types or stone?

Absolutely! Email hello@universaldeco.art with your inquiry and our team will take it from there! Please note additional fees may apply.


Why only diamonds for engagement rings?

That’s a big misconception. An engagement ring can be anything you want it to be! Although we only work with diamonds and sapphires because of their hardiness and long term wearability, we think the ring should be as special and unique as you are!

Email hello@universaldeco.art with specific questions.


Do you make custom pieces?
Can you help me turn inherited pieces into something new?

Please send an email to hello@universaldeco.art.  

When is payment expected for a custom piece?

We require a 50% deposit before your project is started. Since this piece is one of a kind and size dimensions and stones are picked with you, we don’t expect any surprises in design. So we are not able to provide a refund after the project is started. The second payment of 50% will be expected before the expected shipping date.

COVID Restrictions

Due to COVID Restrictions some orders may exceed expected time frames. We commit to trying our best to avoid any unexpected delays.

Custom Collaborations

Dreaming of something one of a kind?