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If you’re embarking on the journey of custom ordering a Universal Art Deco piece, it’s likely you’re relatively familiar with Fernanda’s work and admire her creativity and texturing style. As a client on the receiving end of a one-of-a-kind piece, you’re part of the artistic process. With whatever idea or vision you have — a token of self-love, an emblem of empowerment, a sentiment of shared love — Fernanda will work with you to manifest that emotion into the physical realm. You’ll discuss budget, timeline, the sourcing of gemstones if needed, and together you’ll create a sketch. From there, Fernanda will take it upon herself and her creative freedom to finalize the final piece, including texturing and polishing.

Once you’ve established a visual, Fernanda works with wax, hand-carving and whittling until she reaches a prototype of what you want the final product to look like structurally, which you’ll receive photos of. Stones may be added to the wax, and once the prototype has been approved by you, a mold is made. The mold, which is a service offered in case the final piece is lost in the future, is put into a cast. Metal is poured, and once ready is polished and shined as needed, with whatever texturing happening at this point. Finally, Fernanda sets what stones are being used. Now you’ve got your very own unique Universal Deco jewelry piece.

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